Rack ‘em – Stack ‘em and SMILE.

There isn’t any reason WHY we can’t house those in need of shelter. Vets returning from war deserve to know that they’ll have a safe place to lay their heads. The Homeless need to know that they are safe. Displaced families need to know that they are safe. The solutions are there, staring back at us, begging to be implemented. WHY aren’t we answering the call?

I want a Shipping Container (ISBU) Kitchen! I DO!

MANY ISBU homebuilders end up with finished structures that are hard-pressed to identify as “ISBU Metal Monsters.” It’s for this reason we have so much fun with them. They can become anything we want, in any color of the proverbial rainbow. They take on any shape we need, they’re “Tonka tough” and are not difficult to construct (once you get the basics under your belt).