Building with Shipping Containers means tiny spaces… NOT.

We thought that we’d give you a look at some of the projects we’re working on this Spring.

IMHO – the best way to use ISBUs (Shipping Containers) is to use them to define space and then… reclaim the space between them cost effectively. It’s what we do. We help families build STRUCTURE. After that, it’s their job to decorate it… LOL!

We have a really nice “H-Shaped” ISBU Home project working as I type this. It’s pretty wonderful, but it’s nothing pretentious. It’s a nicely laid out “Corten country home”. It’s 1,600 square feet of “Corten Goodness” – 3 bedrooms, 3 baths with a really nice home office for the family’s Internet business to operate from. Again, we were only tasked with the design and build of the structure. Everything else (like fixtures, finishes and appliances) is extra.

The children’s wing includes a video lounge to allow the kids to watch TV or play video games in privacy. A “pass-thru” from the kitchen allows Mom to funnel snacks to them as they play League of Legends or WOW.

The Summer Kitchen tucked under the covered porch allows really nice 3 season outdoor dining.

The outdoor spa is set into heated flagstone pavers, making that tub a real resort during all four seasons. The firepit located up the steps from the spa (within a few steps walking distance) makes the “parent’s side” of the home quite luxurious.

While this ISBU home isn’t “off-grid” it’s “near-grid”. It’s got a well and septic, but it’s on “county  power” for now. Solar hot water panels will supplement the required domestic hot water production. Next year, we’ll build a photovoltaic array and a battery bank taking the house off the grid completely, as finances allow.

The family building this home is in the “custom home” business and the home reflects that. They pushed the envelope and they’re finishing it out at really high-end levels. We’re envious!

C3 ISBU Residence

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