Does ISBU always equal “Industrial”?

As we toil under travel and the workload, we want to address some of the questions posed by families seeking to build ISBU homes. You’d be amazed at how many questions we get about “coping with the apocalypse” that most people perceive as being “typical” of ISBU life.

We love that film makers have embraced the use of ISBU housing and ISBU community spaces. We just wish it wasn’t always movies like “Sharknado” and “Zombie Apocalypse”… πŸ™‚

Dear Container Gurus,

Everywhere we look (as we research ISBU Homes), we see examples of “urban industrial”. Every use of ISBUs as housing on television and movies seems to be “apocalyptic”. While I’m sure a lot of people like the “Mad Max” look, we seek something more suited to “comfortableΒ  and embracing”. We want something more traditional, like the Folk Victorians we see in your book, “Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings”.

As Empty Nesters, we seek the sustainability of ISBU life, with the frills that old bones need at the end of a long day.

Do you do luxury soaking destinations? πŸ™‚


“Sometimes Geritol needs bubbles.”

Dear “Empty Nester”,

Sustainability doesn’t mean “stark”, “cold” or “museum modern”.

We frequently design and build “soaking sites” into the end of ISBU bath suites that allow relaxation and recovery after a long day of gardening or “honey-do” list assaults that rivals the spas build into luxury homes.

ISBU Bath Suites can be much more than just “requirements”. They can become “destinations”.

What does this do for you?

Is this more like it? Spa tub in a pedestal in the end of an ISBU bath suite.

Is this more like it? Spa tub in a pedestal in the end of an ISBU bath suite.

Some suds, aromatherapy and maybe some cool jazz or blues playing in the background goes a long way, after a long day.

By the way, this was accomplished with a recycled and repaired spa tub, a “discount” pedestal top (the flaws were cut away) and discontinued tile. The only “full boat” item was the fixtures. Elegant, luxurious and easy on the budget.

See you next time.

Alex Klein