I tell you, the book is on FIRE!

Was Moses made of Corten Steel? 🙂

Ryan R. from Milwaukee, WI say;

“First, got your book….LOVE IT!”

(Editors note: He means THIS book…)

Ryan goes on to say;

“Worth every penny and more… hoping it will be the ground work for what will one day be my modest dream of making and living in my own house.

Looking forward to the full blown version to come out!

… Ive been interested in building a home out of ISBUs for quite a while, and have followed your blog for about a year or so…and have found your attitude and desire to build a REASONABLY priced (for the working stiff), sustainable residence out of ISBUs closest to mine out there…that…and you seem to be a genuinely decent human being…which pulls a lot of weight with me…”

Muwahahah! “He don’t know me vewy well, do he?”  :)

Actually, thanks, Ryan.  Thanks very much. I appreciate your kind sentiment. :)

I’m not Moses, I’m more like a “heretic monk being chased from town to town, by those who would rather watch me fall flat on my face.”

Admittedly what I’m preaching isn’t “popular’. I’m teaching families to be self-responsible and self-reliant.

I’m teaching families to step away from banks, mortgages, and developers bent on perpetuating “lives lived in excess” and the “McMansion Myth” until it chokes us to death.

I’m teaching families to live sustainably in a home designed and built out of alternative and recycled building materials (ISBUs specifically) for that exact purpose and then increase that sustainability even further…  through acquired skills like gardening, energy production, and resource management.

I’m teaching those families to become “empowered.”

And “those other guys…” well, they don’t like it. They don’t like it one bit. It represents that dreaded of all dreads… CHANGE.

Why? Why would I stir up trouble? Why would I try to turn the masses seemingly against them? Well… you see… it’s harder to turn a herd, when that herd is “driven by brains” and not fear.

And in “unity”, they’ll have to deal with us. We aren’t going to go away.

Look, we’re all in this together! Our families will either perish or prosper, based on what WE do, and apparently not what happens on the Beltway in DC.

It is OUR time to shine. In spite of those who would see us fail.


I can teach your family that, too.

My new book will show you a new path, a way to make a difference yourself, without being beholding to anyone. A way to increase the strength of your family, in spite of the ignorance of those around you who say it can’t be done.

And, it’s not going to cost you an arm or a leg. It’s going to cost you about the same amount as a lunch or dinner at McDonald’s.

Up there at the top of this page on the right hand side of the screen, there’s a Paypal button. You can’t miss it! :)

For $15.95, you can learn enough to boldly begin the journey. It’s a journey that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Seriously, if you’re ready for your life to change… it’s the first step.

Stay tuned.

4 comments for “I tell you, the book is on FIRE!

  1. Latu
    August 14, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    I’m smitten. This is definitely one of those days where my sporadic, random thoughts resulted in total serendipitous web browsing!
    I’d love to build something like this in Tonga. I’m ordering this book today!
    A portion of the land I’d like to build these on are cliff side with an ocean view. Thinking of 2×20’ers side be side (so 40′ length wise) with another 20’er placed somewhere behind to achieve some sort of open floor plan for living room and kitchen. I suppose the book will give me an idea of the best way to maximize the living square footage.
    Great job on the blog/website!

  2. Linder Young
    October 15, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Please send me a copy of the E book. I like the idea of the homes.

  3. October 25, 2010 at 3:31 pm


    Just click the link at the top right of the screen and hit the Paypal account for $15.95

    I’ll be happy to send you a copy!


  4. Herb Bennett
    August 3, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Hello Alex,
    I am an architect doing homes in Kansas City Mo and would like to contact you
    to discuss venturing into getting holistic communities built in KC

    Summit Development Industries LLC is the name of the entity doing the work.
    We plan to build on site in good weather and in factory spaces otherwise.
    Thank You for your vision Herb Bennett

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