ISBU Projects you could be following…

Hi Campers,

As we try to regroup after some recent Tropical  Storm Lee cleanup/mitigation/work…

Here’s what’s in store for you in the next exciting episodes of “I want an ISBU and I want it NOW!”

While we begin building our own ISBU prototype…

Our Corganix Hybrid ISBU-Earthbag Home (developed in cooperation with Dr. Owen Geiger,  Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building ) is getting a serious dose of “College Competition”.

We’re currently talking with four University Architectural Departments who are each going to build THEIR own version of the CORGANIX home, in their region.

Each home will utilize an ISBU CORE and be constructed of Earthbags filled with stabilized road base, scoria and even pumice.

We’ll follow along as we watch how these homes are built, from “California Beachfront to Montana  Mountaintop” and all points in-between.

We’re even talking to a University Group in Hawaii who want to try their hand at Hybrid Building.

This should be a terrific test of Hybrid home performance.

We have enlisted some corporate sponsors to help out with this terrific “Academic Experiment in Alternative Housing”.

The only stipulation is that the finished home MUST be given to a family in need selected through a local process after “the dust has settled”.

Because… say it with me… EVERY family deserves a home.

And we’re personally going to see to it that four more families sleep safely. It’s why we formed the Corten Cavalry in the first place.

We’re also going to talk about “Single ISBU Container Solutions”.

I’m calling this “To BUMP – Or NOT to BUMP”.

We’ll look at ways to actually increase the size of your Single ISBU Container to allow comfortable living without breaking the bank.

And we’re going to look at some on-going projects ranging from “budget builds” to all out “OMG! I didn’t even know you could DO that!”

And, these projects will run the gambit from Design Stages all the way to “Oh Crap! I burned myself with the Plasma Cutter! Well… at least it cauterized the wound…” 😉

Here’s a sneak peek;

YES. You CAN live in a SINGLE ISBU Shipping Container.  All it takes is a little imagination and some creative welding…

Want proof?

Can you say “BUMP!”??

Stay tuned.

3 comments for “ISBU Projects you could be following…

  1. Diana Sullivan
    March 13, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    WOW, with so many of us baby boomers( me included) without a home and living with our children this could be an answer! So many of us have jobs that have been outsorced or just plain downsized I find I cant afford a home this just might be an answer!

  2. Jason D. Fields
    March 24, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    I’ve spent years being fascinated by, and studying, extreme economy of space, and low-budget-but-fascinating design, primarily for off-grid living. These container homes offer both. I can envision all kinds of possible designs on an extremely limited budget.

    If you’re of a like mind, I’d like to make contact and exchange a few ideas. I’m not so strong in the electrical, plumbing, foundation areas, or blueprint drawing areas, so if you’re up for offering suggestions and assistance, I’m all ears.

    All the best!

  3. Dan
    June 8, 2012 at 10:51 am

    I love the idea of the hybrid home, I have looked at “Earthship” style homes and building a home that is green for the last couple of years. I wish I had started looking when I was still in high school, but what kid has the fore thought to anticipate the economy going the way it has and becoming disabled before they are 40? I am wondering if you the Corten Cavalry has ever considered partnering with Habitat for Humanity? I also love the idea of making the homes as self contained as possible, combining modern alternative energy generation such as small wind turbines and solar power with geothermal heating and cooling for the homes… I have been looking at alternative energy for several years but never had the money for a small place for myself, much less a home for my family. I would really love to see more of these college type projects happen. Any chance of one happening out in the Columbia River Gorge area (the border between Washington and Oregon)? I think that the hybrid home, with self sustaining power generation would be a big hit out here. (I also would ask how one would get onto the list for the home to be given to, but that is secondary to just getting the road built for that type of construction being accepted in this area )

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