It really ISN’T that hard… despite what some Contractors and Architects may say…

We’re working around the  clock right now, trying to reach out to as many people as we can. There’s a lot of need in the world right now.

In the Philippines, there are hundreds of thousands of people wandering the streets looking for water, food and shelter. In America, there are hundreds of families talking to us, families eager to find a “new path” to “old places”… places like “affordable security, warmth, and protection”.

We’ll be rebuilding the Philippines for the next generation.

Too many people are making the ideas about “affordable housing” too hard. After all, they make their livings preaching their brands of dogma about what soothes the ills of families globally.

ISBUs (shipping containers) are just big steel boxes. Stack them up the right way and they become affordable, durable shelter. It’s about “thinking out of the box”, rather than letting the box define (or defeat) you.

People ask us where we get our inspiration from. We just tell them to look around their neighborhoods. Ideas are literally everywhere.

Take this cabin, for example. Take a hard look at it and then imagine it…  built from a pair of ISBUs.






We build cabins that “look” like this all the time. We offset a pair of ISBU by a distance of 4 to 8 feet and then build a SIP/SSMR over them. SIPS are Structural Insulated Panels. Think of them as Insulation sandwiches with OSB (Oriented Strand Board) as the bread. These insulated panels spline together. In a small roof plane, they’ll actually support themselves without trusses. Now, shoot a waterproof membrane over the top and add some SSMR (Standing Seam Metal Roofing) and you have an unbeatable, high speed structure that gives and gives for generations.

Fly that roof out to gain a big covered deck and you have “three season” splendor. Build a pocket filled with insulated panels to close it off with and it turns into four season goodness!

It really IS this easy.

And best of all, it’s scalable and affordable. You can accomplish this for under a $100 a square foot, all day, as long as you use some “restraint”.

Do this using 40′ – 48′ ISBUs and you have a multi-bedroom home with all the comforts you have now.

Think about what you can do… and then DO it.

In our book, the definition of loser is someone who had a dream and then… ignored it. 🙂




1 comment for “It really ISN’T that hard… despite what some Contractors and Architects may say…

  1. March 31, 2016 at 3:21 am

    There is a crisis in Napal due to earthquakes I have a friend there who I am in regular touch with and he says shelter is a problem as they have had several quakes and after shocks,
    People are literally freezing to death due to not having shelter a few of these containers homes with the basics beds warmth shelter to live out of the weather would help lots of people who are struggling, something that cannot be misused, like money and food, although those are also important as long as they get to those who need it. So an insulated container home would make a difference so think about it.

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