No Money, No Home. Now what?

As the “Sustainable, Affordable ISBU Housing ” Guru, I get a lot of inquiries from young families.
People ask me;

“Why build a new house? Why shouldn’t we just go out and buy one? Wouldn’t that be much  easier?”

It sounds like an easy enough question to answer, right? But I hate being the one to bear the bad news to these “housing hopefuls”.

If you’re  asking this question, the evidence of this canyon that you’re trying to cross is out there for everyone to see.

Millions of young families have been shut out of the housing market. The proof is that the number of first-time U.S. home buyers has fallen below historical average over and over again over the last several years.

Almost three million potential first-time home buyers have been shut out of the market over the last decade, according to new studies. The suggestion is clear (and many will tell you);

“The market’s recovery of the past few years could have been stronger if lenders had reached out to those caught in the middle of the housing rockfights. All the banks care about is profit.”

But it’s not that simple. You can’t just blame the banks. Sure, tighter lending standards have indeed contributed to this housing hardship, but acute shortages of affordable housing in many markets have reduced the pool of potential buyers significantly. This is particularly true among young families. This in turn has reduced a key component of housing demand. First time buyers aren’t there.

In fact, where I live there simply isn’t any inventory to sell to young families lucky enough to qualify for loans.

This leaves you with a few different paths to  follow, if you’re a young couple looking to secure your family’s safety and well-being;

(1) You stay put and  ride out the inventory gap and hope for the  best.

(2) You put your Realtor on speed-dial and check in constantly, hoping to beat everyone else to that new listing (because it’s not going to last long and there will probably be multiple offers presented), or…

(3) You consider building your own affordable  home using the processes and practices that we preach here. This way, you not only have a safe, sustainable, affordable home that reflects your needs and responds to your desires… you do it without a large mortgage.

ISBU (Shipping Container) homes don’t have to look “modern” or even”abstract”. They’re just boxes. They can look like anything you want. Talented designers  and decorators have demonstrated over an  over again that these “Corten Castles” can become anything that you can imagine. All it takes is drive and desire.

Is it “easy”?

No. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. But with the right guidance and the right tools, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

It’s still possible  to build  affordable  housing. It’s just not “profitable”… except to the families that do it themselves.

If you want to know more about  HOW you do it, you know where we are.

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