Rack ’em – Stack ’em and SMILE.

As Typhoon Neoguri smashes into Okinawa and Japan, we’re reminded yet again that strong, durable, weather resistant housing is a requirement if families are to remain safe.

As we participate in ISBU (Shipping container) residential, industrial and commercial builds all over the planet, I am STILL amazed that the solution to some of the problems caused by heavy weather is overlooked.

In places like North Dakota, Montana, the Bering Sea and even (gasp!) Canada… 🙂

Workers are being housed in multi-unit developments built from ISBUs. These are just “modular buildings”. You build your housing units and then you stack them together. Add a little bit of welding and voila… many workers or families can all be tucked safely under one big steel roof, wrapped in a sturdy steel cocoon.

It’s done in place like CHINA all the time. In fact, every time that we’re there, we see another series of housing units going up;

This is a Solid Corten Steel "Man Camp" (Oil/Gas Housing) or a Student Dormitory waiting  to happen.

This series of stacked ISBUs (Shipping Containers) is just begging to become a Man Camp, a Student Dormitory, Military Housing, Veteran Housing, a Woman and Children’s Shelter, you name it… And it can be erected in DAYS. WHY aren’t we doing this? WHY?

Over  the next few months… we’re going to look at HOW these buildings are constructed. I think that you’re going to be amazed at just how “easy” this is.

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