Shipping Container Home Consultants say WHAT???

Like many people here on the Gulf Coast, all thoughts right now are on the coastline, as we start to deal with the environmental crisis that we can already smell permeating the air.

And… because of that, I’ve fallen a little bit behind, posting lately.

Here’s why;

The British Petroleum – strike that – the “Beyond Petroleum” Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is taking most of our efforts right now, as we prepare for whatever comes our way.

Beyond the tarballs and the dead and dying animals and sea creatures that we’re tending, it’s just a logistical nightmare, as we start bracing ourselves for the onslaught of all that oil (that has to go “somewhere).

While we work on finishing projects, we’re starting a few more:

A “Flotel” design to accommodate offshore oil workers as they try to stop the oil from reaching Mississippi shorelines.

No… not this… Don’t they wish!

A Flotel is nothing more than a stack of 20′ ISBU containers, turned into temporary housing (bunks and storage) by connecting them together, and then setting them on an existing Oil Platform. In that configuration, they look like this:

But, we don’t have an oil rig. It blew up and sank, remember? So, we need some type of buoyant platform, like a ship, or a “chassis” that is made up of floating pontoons.

So, we have something like this in mind;

And… a barge would work, just fine…

The idea is to create “livable space” that will allow the workers to stay out longer. There are already many of these in existence (in fact I’ve built a few in the past) but we need more of them, because of the severity of the spill.

I’m working on a small “high speed” townhome project. And, if I play my cards right, it’s for ME and MY family, so that they can stay close enough that I’ll get to see them as we battle the spill.

The most difficult part of this oil spill is that (beyond the oil itself), the fumes will concentrate along the coastline (where all the oil is) and it will make life pretty unbearable for children and adults with breathing difficulties.

My wife has Stage Three Cervical Cancer, and she’s already having a terrible time. And, my young son Joshua, is TWO. He’s far too little, and his lungs aren’t up to the task of dealing with the oil fumes. It’d damage them permanently. I need to get them moved away, out of the “danger zone’ so that I can devote myself to fighting the oil. That means I either ship them out of state, where I don’t see them at ALL, or I find a small piece of rural property here,  north of the coast.

I’ve been wanting to test an idea I have, for quite some time.I’ve wanted to construct a series of small interlocking townhomes, run them in clusters 6 wide, and start building a small “ISBU Village”, as a “pilot project.”

The idea is to build approximately 1200+ square foot townhomes, 1 and 2 BDRM, 1 and a half baths, and 2 and a half  baths, respectively.

And before you start screaming about the size of the units, please note that these “Corten Condos” will be energy efficient enough (and be super-insulated enough)… to have a “carbon footprint” far smaller than most little tract houses in this zone.

I’m currently revising the two bedroom plan, as I may actually end up living in one… but here’s a peek at what the one bedroom unit will look like.

I figure that it you’re careful, you can build these for less than $100,000 a unit… all day and night. And, the build itself is SIMPLE.

Made up of (4) 48′ High Cube containers, placed “2 on 2”, it’s a fast build, with a minimum amount of actual reconstruction inside. You can see how “open” the plan is.

And, that 2 story glass wall in the living room becomes quite dramatic.

So, no running around in yer skivvies, huh? Nobody wants to see that… 🙂

Picture them connected “side-by-side” with a firewall sandwiched in between each unit,  in runs of 6 units each. At a little bit under 1200 square feet in the 1 BDRM plan, you’d have lots of room and a very comfortable living space.

And, you’d get 6 units in the same space as a traditional tract home.

Imagine now… leasing them out, and making money on the difference between the lease, and the mortgage,  including reasonable upkeep. Would you get rich? Nope. But, you’d be “comfortable”. As comfortable as the people living in your units.

Just add a new cluster of units each Spring,and soon, you’d have a Corten Community!

But, somebody needs “to put their money where their mouth is”, and actually live in one, HERE. Why not ME? If I’m actually living in one, it’d be hard for people to give me grief about it, right?

(Okay, actually, it’d be my own family living in one. I’ll be working what looks like 12 hours days, 7 days a week. for quite a while, if it goes the way they predict.)

Stay tuned.


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