Southern Plantation, Corten Style

Recently we’ve been talking with a family that lives on the Gulf Coast of the USA. Despite hurricanes, tropical storms and the shouts of “Roll Tide!” that ring in the night like gunfire…

(Frankly the last thing I want to hear when living on a flood plain is “Roll Tide”…) LOL!

The location is beachfront with unobstructed views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Our newest Corten family seeks a Container Home that will allow them to live in comfort and safety in spite of hard times and rising water.

Having lived on the Gulf during Hurricanes, I can tell you that it’s a huge boon to live ABOVE the flood plain. Setting ISBUs on concrete pilings allows you to reclaim the area below. In this case, we’re going to build garages and workshops into that area.

The family wants “Clean and Simple”, in an uncomplicated format the exemplifies how elegant a “moderately minimalistic” home can be. We’re not talking “cold as a museum” here. We’re talking about lots of straight lines and interesting surfaces to showcase collections and possessions.

The residence will be a single floor 1,500 square foot, 3 BDRM/2 Bath executed in “Beachhouse Modern”. Soft pastel colors, large furniture and great room style spaces. I’m discussing a roof terrace with them now. With a flat roof and something like IPA decking over, the terrace level could be fabulous and provide over a thousand square feet of additional 3 season living space. Lexan will be used as deck railing to increase the sea views. Concrete and Lexan panels will frame the garage level, allowing for great storage and additional weather resistance.

We’ve used Lexan quite successfully in coastal homes in the past. While nothing is “stormproof”, Lexan offers higher resistance to breakage and the glazed panels are easily removable  in those events  where you have already determined that they’ll become sacrificial.

Staircases from grade at either end of the structure will provide a location for a large front deck over the driveway accessing 3 car garage and workshops. (The site has already determined where the garage access will be. A grove of Live  Oaks and Magnolias are protected and cut off North access to the site.) The residence will also have garage access via an interior spiral staircase.

I’d love to see a good percentage of that front deck area turned into a walk-in greenhouse but that’s yet to be determined.

In it’s simplest form, I think the residence could look something like THIS:

Plantation ModernStay tuned.

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  1. Bob Giese
    December 26, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Hello, Ronin,
    I just returned from a cruise in the Caribbean. If there is any place in this world that needs ISBU housing, it is the Turks and Caicos Islands. St Maarten is a very close second. Love your articles, keep ’em coming.

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