Staircases to heaven…

We get letters. Boy, do WE get letters.

People who “claim to know better” say mean things. These poltroons have all kinds of “alphabet soup” after their names. They claim that if THEY haven’t done something, it can’t be done.

They use their “status” and “peer positions” to say things to discourage others. You know, things like;

“You can’t stand an ISBU on end. It doesn’t work.”

“You can’t convert an ISBU that serves as a multi-level staircase. It doesn’t work.”

“You can’t use the top of that ISBU for anything practical. It just doesn’t work.”

You know what? YOU may be right…

ISBU Staircase FORT

ISBU Staircase FORT2

ISBU Staircase FORT3
But then, you might also be wrong…

Or.. YOU might not be up to the task, you bunch of posers. ;)

ISBU Tower Staircase with the KING of all “forts” on top.

This isn’t “folly”. It’s fully functional. In fact, you might even call it an “observation room”.

“The Tower” provides multi-level access and lots of child-like laughter daily to the kids (and grown-ups) that live for “the time spent in that fort”…

Designing about building alternative homes and structures means “thinking out of the box”. Keep the box within design spec and then exploit it to it’s fullest potential.  Readers of our blogs and books know that this is certainly OUR motto! 🙂

Take that, you whiny naysayers. Go cry to someone else.

Alex Klein

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