You can put boxes in boxes! :)

It’s in the bag… er… um… BOX, man!

One of the biggest challenges faced when building a small home, be it ISBU or otherwise, is finding ways to make that space really count, over and over again. You want that space to “multi-task”!

ISBU homes are generally small by design, built by families and “empty nesters” who want every square inch to count, because they’re usually investing their life savings to build it. These homes are often retreats or vacation homes, used by several members of the family, during different times in the year. So, that space really needs to be able to take on a “chameleon like” form.

You may not always NEED a guest bedroom. You may only get visitors or relatives once in a while. So, what if you could pack up an entire bedroom suite into a box and then push it into a closet?

What if you needed  a home office, but you only needed it part-time? Perhaps seasonally?

Sounds crazy right? Well, it’s not THAT crazy.

When we saw this, we were pretty amazed.

It just looked like a box in an empty room!

But, looks can be deceiving… so make sure to never underestimate somebody else’s creativity.

Take this box for example. It seems like it’s just a normal chest, albeit a cool one, right?

What it really is will leave your jaw on the floor. You won’t see this one coming. I didn’t.

It’s an entire room in a box! Yep, that’s apparently possible.

If I could find a way to stuff an entire ISBU cabin or home/apartment in a box, I’d be all set. Any interior designer magicians out there?

Take it a step further. What if the reason you’d become an “empty nester” was due to your child going away to college?

Got a kid headed to college?

BUY this BOX! :)

2 comments for “You can put boxes in boxes! :)

  1. Apoorva
    March 5, 2014 at 6:23 am

    This is so cool!

  2. December 16, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    You’ve got it in one. Colu’ndt have put it better.

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